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13 Things Real Estate Experts Say You Need To Look For Before Buying a House!

N'Marie Crumbie, Team Leader

N'Marie has spent the last twenty-plus years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry - from marketing to negotiation. ...

N'Marie has spent the last twenty-plus years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry - from marketing to negotiation. ...

Feb 5 4 minutes read

Even though this house may seem perfect, before you jump in and say "Yes I want to buy this house!" there are essential things to look for that may not be immediately obvious.  

Many houses come with unknown surprises that may go unnoticed if you're not looking for them. Luckily most can be fixed. Being aware of things to look for before you buy can save you time and money in the long run. It can also prevent you from being put in an expensive and less than ideal situation.

One of our clients just bought their dream house! We showed them over 30 homes in two months. During those showings we made sure to point out things to look for. Using the steps outlined in the visual guide provided below, we were able to discover 10 issues that were not immediately obvious. 

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By uncovering these hidden issues, they will be repaired by the seller before our clients move into their new home! Knowing what to look for prevented additional expenses and future issues for them, while providing a move-in ready home!

Buying expert Arlene Reckson provides a guide of 13 things to look for when viewing a home. 

One important thing she says to look for is how many other houses in the neighborhood or on the street are up for sale. If there are many, you might want to check to see if there are any local issues causing people to move away.

Another essential step is to check that the temperature is the same in every room when the heat is on. If not, then the furnace may need to be checked.

Also make sure to look for moisture or discoloration on the walls. If the water is turned on, feel free to turn on water faucets and check for leaks. Having a moisture meter on hand is a great way to check for damage. If you see discoloration or soft-looking wood you can take a reading to assess how bad the damage may be. An ideal reading would be under 16%. Luckily if the reading comes in under 28% there’s a good chance the water damage can be fixed. It's great to be informed so you can bring this up with the sellers before finalizing a contract!

Expert Arlene and came up with a great visual guide of what to look for when you visit prospective properties. Be sure to take a copy of it when you go look at houses, you will be glad you did! They also offer a downloadable home inspection checklist that you should take along!

These expert tips provided below will ensure you’re informed and prepared before making an offer! These steps will enable you to make a smart buying decision, and get you into your perfect home!

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