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Common Mistakes Sellers Make and How You Can Avoid Them - Part 3

N'Marie Crumbie, Team Leader

N'Marie has spent the last twenty-plus years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry - from marketing to negotiation. ...

N'Marie has spent the last twenty-plus years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry - from marketing to negotiation. ...

Feb 5 6 minutes read

Welcome to Common Seller Mistakes✨Part 3
11 - 15 Common Mistakes Sellers Make and How You Can Avoid Them

11. Seller Never Permitted a For Sale Sign Be Placed on The Property

You want to make sure you have a for sale sign in front of your home. Your agent usually provides a branded for sale sign that includes their contact information and pamphlets with information on your home. Although most buyers search for properties online, 15% of buyer leads come from for sale signs. When buyers are driving around neighborhoods of interest you want to make sure they know your home is for sale. Some gated communities or condo communities may not allow a for sale sign, but if they are permitted in your neighborhood make sure to have one in order to get the most exposure on your property. 

12. Seller Never Prepared or Staged the Home for Sale

Home Staging is one of the best steps you can take to get multiple offers and increase the sale price of your home.  Home staging is the process of clearing away clutter, making your home sparkling clean, removing personal items, improving curb appeal, and sometimes adding decorative accents to the home. The goal of home staging is to create an inviting space that appeals to the greatest number of house hunters. 

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. That's why it's important to remove personal items such as family heirlooms and photos. Buyers prefer to see a home that is clutter-free, inviting, well-maintained, and ready for them to move-in. 

I know what a difference home staging can make, that's why I'm a certified home stager and offer staging services for all of my listings. When you have your home staged, you're creating a welcoming space that appeals to a greater pool of potential home buyers.

Research indicates that investing in staging pays off. Staged homes tend to sell for an average of $1,700 more than comparable, non-staged properties, representing an average return on investment of more than 580 percent!

If your home is immaculate, in great working condition, and move-in ready buyers will be more likely to put in an offer!

13. Seller Never Required Professional Photographs be Taken of Their Home

With the digital age we live in, professional quality photos are extremely important. When buyers are looking through listings online they are bombarded with photos, and your photos need to stand out. The photos really need to impress them if they are going to consider clicking on your listing and further consider viewing your home.

Many Realtors don't want to spend the extra money from their marketing budgets on professional photography. Instead, they take photos themselves on average camera equipment or even on their Smart Phones. Low-quality photos and video can misrepresent a beautiful home, make a poor impression, and keep it on the market longer. 

Choose a real estate agent that has a dedicated marketing budget and works with a professional photographer. High-quality images will provide great detail and highlight the features of your home in the absolute best light.

At GlocalHomes, we team up with top photographers and videographers to showcase your property to the world using high-resolution photos. Our professional photographers use state of the art camera equipment to take stunning HD photos and video of your home. We make sure all of our listings make a great first impression.

14. Seller Never Requested That Multiple Photos be Uploaded to the MLS System

Most sellers don't know that over 50 photos of the home can be uploaded to the MLS at no additional cost. Over 50 photos per listing are included with the agents MLS membership. Make sure your agent includes photos of the interior and exterior. Websites like Zillow, Trulia and rank listings by photo count so it's best to include as many quality photos as necessary to showcase the home. Any listing with less than six photos will be pushed to the bottom of these home search websites.

15. Seller Never Permitted a Lockbox on the Property Thereby Making it Difficult to Show

One of the most critical steps in selling your home is making it as accessible as possible. Allowing an agent to put a lockbox on your property will allow your home to be accessed and shown by buyer agents at any time. This ensures the most buyers will see your home and gives you the best chance of acquiring multiple offers and getting your house sold! 

We hope these common seller mistakes will help guide you thru the sale of your home. Be sure to keep a look out on our blog page for Part 4 of our blog series; Common Mistakes Sellers Make and How You Can Avoid Them.

We believe in providing “service beyond the sale.” Working with our clients is about more than a closing a deal. It’s about guiding them through the major life event of buying or selling a home, and negotiating the best outcome. 

Download our helpful guide for things to consider when selling your house. 

At GlocalHomes you will receive premiere services, and the highest level of customer service available in Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix Metro Area, and your neck of the woods. We exceed our client's expectations and take great pride in delivering a high level of service. 

Listing your property with the GlocalHomes will give your listing the ❤️ it deserves.

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