The Buyer Experience

We'd absolutely love to guide clients through the major life event of buying a home and helping to negotiate the best possible outcome for them. Delivering an experience as close to perfect as possible is always at the top of our priority list.  

We Know What Home Means to You


That place evokes a sigh of relief as you pull into your driveway. It's that safe and happy place to grow up, build lasting memories with family and pets that curl up at your feet as you unwind from a busy day. We know choosing a home isn't just about buying a place, it's a feeling - one of the most exciting and nostalgic experiences. Home, it's that soft place to land. 

AgentCrumbie, we know the marketWE KNOW THE MARKET

We use our combined 40+ years of experience and local market knowledge to guide you from beginning to end. We know the Phoenix Metro Area very well and will make sure to educate and inform you about real estate trends throughout your buying experience.

AgentCrumbie your goals are our goal YOUR GOALS ARE OUR GOALS

Buying a home is more than the bed/bath count and the price, it's about choosing a lifestyle. The home you buy will be determined by your long-term goals: What your ideal location is, the space you need, the style of home you love, and what you can afford.


When our professional opinion is warranted, you can trust that we will provide it. When we take you to see a house we guide you on important things to look for before putting in an offer. With your future ownership in mind, we help you evaluate the house’s condition.

AgentCrumbie are fierce negotiatorsWE'RE FIERCE NEGOTIATORS

We get you the best price and value possible. We are aggressive and results-driven but also friendly and approachable. We skillfully negotiate to find solutions that meet your needs while working with the seller. We know what team we are on (yours!) and we are relentless in making the process of buying a home fun & hassle-free for you.

AgentCrumbie takes care of all the detailsWE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE DETAILS

From preparing to buy to getting the keys to your new home, a real estate transaction has many moving parts; loan options, inspections, closing costs, insurance, close of escrow, and movers. We offer our contacts of trusted professionals so that you have access to the very best of these professionals. 

AgentCrumbie service is completely free to buyersIT'S COMPLETELY FREE!

When you choose to work with us to buy a home, there is no cost to you. You receive all of our services free of charge. When you work with us, you will never have to worry about what will happen next. We will be right there with you every step of the way keeping you updated on the details!

Why Buyers Hire Us

5 Homebuyer Tips
Here are five tips for navigating the home buying process.
3 Financing Tips
If you are planning on buying a home using a home loan then these three tips will help you get prepared for the financing process.
Credit Score Ranges & Factors
A credit score is a number between 300–850 that depicts a consumer's creditworthiness.
Required Mortgage Documents
Every lender requires documents as part of the process of approving a mortgage loan. Here are documents you’re generally required to provide...
How to Improve Your Credit
Credit scores play a big role in determining whether you’ll qualify for a loan and what your loan terms will be.
The Home Inspection Process
After your offer gets accepted, you’ll have an inspection period. This is your opportunity to have a licensed inspector canvas the home looking for common issues prior to moving forward with the home purchase.
The Appraisal Process
Once you are under contract, your lender will send out an appraiser to verify the purchase price is in line with the property’s value. Here are the two most important things to know about the appraisal process.
Homeowners Insurance
A homeowners insurance policy will protect you against certain losses and damage to your new home and is generally required by lenders prior to closing.
How To Buy in a Tight Market
Here are five things tips that can increase your chances of getting your dream house in a competitive housing market.
Is the Buyer Pre-Approved, or Not?
When selling a home, it’s important to understand the different types of loan approvals that you will come across.
Intro to Home Buyer
Did you know that many Americans can qualify to purchase a home and they don’t even know it? So that means they are not only throwing money away each month but they are also losing money because they are not taking advantage of tax-saving opportunities. On this page, you’ll find tons of informational videos that will walk you through important aspects of purchasing a home. I know you’re busy and I’d love to sit down with you personally and go over all of this in more detail, so please, feel free to contact
Are you thinking about buying? The video resources below cover many of the common questions that most people have during the home buying journey.

Our Step By Step Process


Let’s get to know each other! We'll take the time to get to know you and develop an understanding of your housing wants and needs. Looking for a starter home to renovate? A home within a great school district? An investment property? We will help identify your goals and personalize a home search that meets your specific needs.


Be prepared to dig into paperwork during this part of the process such as pay stubs, W2’s, and tax returns. The lender will do a full review and then tell you what you will be able to borrow in order to purchase a home. This is a vital step in the home buying process!


We'll send you notifications for listings that you’re most likely to be excited about. We'll provide access to all the new local Arizona listings and also get in touch with contacts in our network to find off-market listings that are not publicly marketed. We ask questions and listen to your feedback so we can continue to modify your home search to fit your specific needs.


Here’s where the buying process gets really fun. We’ll go to local open houses and schedule viewings of the homes that you’ve loved from our listing alerts or we'll arrange for you to view the home virtually from the comfort of your own home!


A little scary, but very exciting! Three things can happen when putting in an offer on a house: the offer is accepted, it’s rejected, or you get a counteroffer. We’ll walk you through each of those possibilities and how to handle them. When the offer is accepted, it’s time to update you!


The sellers accepted your offer, and the home is going through inspection and appraisal. These are the last steps before you get the keys to your home!  While the inspection ensures that items of the home are functioning properly and there are no major issues inside. The appraisal guarantees that the price of the home matches the condition of the home.


It’s time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s because you’re closing on your home! This process includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing your name a lot. Remember to bring all of the paperwork you’ve collected along the way, and your down payment.


Grab a bottle of champagne and toast to your new home! Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!

Grand Entry Way

Relocating or don't live nearby? No problem!
No matter where you are on your timeline...We have you covered.

We offer potential buyers 360-degree Virtual Tours for homes they are interested in, no matter the size of the house. This special service has LIVE engaging web conferencing and integrated interactive floor plans so we can guide buyers online through different listings or host a virtual open house. 

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