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We're pleased to provide you with our market update videos to keep you aware of what's happening in Fountain Hills and Metro Phoenix, Arizona real estate market.

First Quarter Market Update

January Real Estate Market Update
The Phoenix real estate market is continuing its unprecedented growth. This is N’Marie Crumbie with AgentCrumbie.Realtor brokered by eXp Realty, with your real estate market update. In December 2020, the median price of a single-family home in the Valley was $357,000. That means 50% of homes sold under that price, and 50% sold over that price. At the end of 2021, that number jumped to $457,500 - that’s a 28.1% increase. Each week in 2021, the annual appreciation outperformed the previous week (and the pre
February Real Estate Market Update
We keep hearing people ask, when will the housing marking return to normal?” And we have to answer that question, with another question “What is Normal?” Hello, this is N’Marie Crumbie with, brokered by eXp Realty, with this month’s market update. We are currently in a real estate market where the demand for homes, exceeds our supply of homes for sale. If it feels like that’s normal, here’s why: Over the past 21 years, Greater Phoenix has been in a seller’s market for almost 62% of
March Real Estate Market Update
It’s probably no surprise to you, that the real estate market in Arizona, (and most of the country) is insanely hot. We’re seeing buyers and sellers make mistakes in this market, and wanted to use this month's market update to educate you on some issues, regarding the real estate transaction, you may not know about. When a seller lists their home in Arizona, they can give their agent permission - or withhold permission - to disclose the terms of any offers to other agents. Allowing the agent to disclose t

Fountain Hills 1st Quarter Market Stats


Metro Phoenix 1st Quarter Market Stats


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Second Quarter Market Update

April Real Estate Market Update
Are you sitting on a gold mine? And what would it cost you to cash out on it? In this month’s market update, let’s talk about a good problem to have. This is N’Marie Crumbie with AgentCrumbie.Realtor brokered by eXp Realty. Home values have skyrocketed over the last few years. Appreciation over the last two years alone… has averaged around 44%. Whenever you purchased your home, you probably have a large amount of equity in it, right now. Your home… is one of the few assets you can profitably sell without
May Real Estate Market Update
Shift is happening in the Valley Real Estate Market. This month, 3 key statistics you need to know. This is N’Marie Crumbie, brokerage by eXp Realty with this month’s market update. Over the last 9 weeks, we have begun to see inventory rising in the Valley. On May 15th, there were 7,372 active listings - an increase of more than 58% from last year. Most of this increase has been in homes over $400,000. 21% of all active listings today are listed for sale under $400,000. That’s down from 38.2% last year at
June Real Estate Market Update
Home Prices in the Valley are up. Interest rates are up. Rental prices are up…But people need a place to live, so what are their choices? I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “it is what it is”. It’s annoying, but if you can accept a situation for how it is, you can deal rationally with it. Some people want to put their head in the sand, or roll their eyes, or wait until prices drop, but that doesn’t help answer the question of - “is this a good make a move?” When it’s time to make a move, it’

Fountain Hills 2nd Quarter Market Stats


Metro Phoenix 2nd Quarter Market Stats


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Third Quarter Market Update

July Real Estate Market Update
Numbers don’t lie. And when it comes to real estate, numbers tell a story. This is N’Marie Crumbie, with this month’s monthly market update, and some numbers. Let’s talk appreciation numbers. Over the last two years, home value appreciation has exploded in the valley. Since October 2020, we’ve seen d

Fountain Hills 3rd Quarter Market Stats


Metro Phoenix 3rd Quarter Market Stats


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